Vital computer maintenance tips and checklist to protect your device – How To Conserve Your Hard Drive

Vital computer maintenance tips and checklist to protect your device – How To Conserve Your Hard Drive

Computers last five to eight years when maintained properly, but that lifespan can erode quickly if a user doesn’t take steps to protect the hardware. This is why computer maintenance is so important.

1. Defragment the hard drive

Did you know that the disk is the weakest link when it comes to computer performance? This is why defragging your hard drive once a month is so important.

Defragging is the process of reorganizing the data on your hard drive to speed up file access. It breaks up a file into smaller bits on your device. While every computer is different, you can usually find Defragment functions under the System and Security tab in the Control Panel.

2. Backup data

At least once a week you should backup your drive. If you’re working on an important project, you can do this daily to ensure your files are securely stored. Backing up your data saves important files in the event of a hard drive failure or system crash.

3. Configure your startup

You should periodically check in on the applications that automatically run at start-up. These applications can slow down your computer. From the Settings tab, you should be able to navigate to the Startup to control which applications run.

4. Run disk cleanup

You can free up disk space on your hard drive by running a disk cleanup. This will clean out temporary files and extra language files as well as delete big attachments and more.

5. Install major computer updates

To keep your applications running safely and efficiently you should check for major computer updates at least once a month. These updates can be critical for long-term health because they patch up critical security holes and remove unnecessary features. You may also be able to adjust your setting so updates happen automatically.

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