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Gaming Consoles: Affordable solutions for video game console repairs

Do you need a games console repair? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. We offer one of the best repair and replacement services for all game consoles at cost effective price in the UK. Our technicians have over a decade of experience in fixing issues with all models of game consoles, making them work again as they were working before.

Our expert repair technicians can fix major and minor faults on all game consoles, usually within a day. The most common fault with games console repair is the failure of the poorly designed HDMI port. The majority of game consoles come in for a HDMI port replacement. 

We specialise in fixing software faults and error codes on games consoles. We stock parts and usually carry out repairs on HDMI ports the same day. We are happy to assist you, our services are trusted across the nation.

Game Console Repairs / Upgrades

Our Services

Diagnostics 1

Inspection If you are unsure which games console repair option to choose and would like a diagnosis before committing to a repair.

HDMI alt@2x 1

HDMI Port Repair Fix a games console not displaying an image on the screen due to a faulty/damaged HDMI port. We replace the old HDMI port using the improved updated version.

Liquid Dmg

Liquid Damage Clean up and repair damaged caused by an accidental spill, the liquid can cause a variety of issues to the chips and electronics of the motherboard including corrosion and chip failure.

Power Replace

No Power Repair We fix all games consoles that do not turn on. Does your games console not power on? Does your games console power on then off immediately?

Disk Update

Not Reading Disks The games console is not reading some or all of your games, please check that your games are clean and free of scratches before using this service.

Disk Jam

Jammed Disk Drive The games console drive will not eject disc properly, getting stuck or not ejecting.


System Not Syncing With Controller Fix console not sync up with wireless controller, you have tried the controller with another console and know the controller works.


HDD Faulty Is your hard drive within your games console faulty? Does your games console not boot to the dashboard at power on? No picture or sound flashing white light?


Overheating & Fan Reapir When the games console is turned on, or during play, the fan spins loudly. The console may shut down and you may also get a “System is too hot” or “Overheating” message on screen.

WIFI Console

WIFI Repair Your games consoles won’t connect to the internet via WiFi, controllers or other wireless devices may also have trouble connecting.