Computer Repair

Geek Cabin: PC’s & Laptops Repair Service Center With Quality & Rapid Services in the UK

We provide PC & Laptop repair services at affordable prices. Our low-cost, reliable laptop repair services give every customer access to a premium repair service. Our technicians have extensive experience in repairing PC’s, laptops, and Apple devices. Therefore we can provide you the best PC & laptop repair services at all levels.

Whether it’s a liquid damage, burnt components, broken connectors, replacing a smashed screen, broken hard drives, virus removal, or just reinstall Mac OS, your MacBook & laptop is in safe hands.

Desktop Computer Repairs / Upgrades

Desktop & Laptop Software / Data

Driver Install

Software Tune-Up & Malware Removal Resolving error messages, fixing browser pop-ups or resolving general program issues.


Operating System Reinstall (no backups) Clean install of the operating system (as per your license eg the same version as on before, such as Win 10 Pro or Mac OS Big Sur). Includes applying latest updates and installing required drivers. All data on the device is erased.


Operating System Reinstall (with Data Backups) As above but copying your existing data folders (such as Documents, Pictures, Desktop, Downloads, Steam game folders), and restoring those back on to the computer so that your information is retained. (Note, this does not allow transfer of programs).

Data Recovery

Data Transfer Copy data folders (Documents, Desktop, Photos, Downloads, Steam games etc) from one computer to another. Or to another storage device if provided, or USB Flash drives can be added.

Driver Install 1

Missing Driver Installation Drivers are the software which allow your computer to talk to its physical parts. We can diagnose and resolve the issue that may be causing your problems.

Desktop Hardware Repairs

Power Supply

Power Supply Replacement If a system is not starting because of a power supply failure, we can diagnose and install a replacement power supply. Includes internal system valet.


CPU Cooler Replacement Replace a failing or inadequate CPU cooler with a new unit. Includes cleaning existing thermal compound, and an internal system valet. This also applies for cleaning a PC and re-pasting the existing cooler. Cost will vary on complexity, with the cost range reflecting that some higher-end air coolers or liquid coolers have more time involved in assembling to the system or may require motherboard removal to install.

Laptop Diagnostic

Desktop – Not Starting Diagnosis If a system is not powering up, we would run diagnostics to identify the issue and report back to you, this is included if you proceed with the repair. 

Diagnostics 1

Desktop – Stability Diagnosis We perform stress tests on your device to ensure you don’t encounter such issues as freezing, reboots or blue screen (BSOD).


Desktop – Hard Disk Replacement Replace a failing hard disk and reinstall operating system. Prices vary by capacity and where data is to be recovered. 

Desktop Upgrades


Add Additional Storage Drive Install into the case, supply a data cable and partition / format a new hard disk or solid state disk (SSD) into a desktop system, when configured as an additional drive. Data may not always be able to be recovered, due to the condition of the old drive.


Clone Operating System to SSD Clone your existing operating system to a faster solid state disk (SSD). Best upgrade you can do to any computer ! We transfer your existing system and data onto a the much faster storage device The only noticeable difference… speed.

Hardware Diagnostics

BIOS Update and CPU install If you have a new CPU but an older motherboard and need the motherboard flashed to accept the new processor. This is offered for free when buying parts from us, or chargeable if your CPU / board are from another retailer.

Laptop Hardware Repairs

Power Replace

Power Supply Replacement If your laptop is not charging, we stock a wide range of laptop power supplies. Please bring your laptop (and charger, if you have it) and we will check its operation and provide a replacement charger if required. We will check the charging port for free with this service.

Laptop Power

Battery Replacement We provide a replacement fitting service if required. We will test the health of your battery before replacement.

Jack Replacement

Laptop DC Jack Replacement If the charging point on your laptop is loose or damaged, we can disassemble the laptop and fit a replacement connection.

Diagnostics 2

Laptop Not Starting Diagnosis If a system is not powering up / displaying, we will check for a fault contact you and provide the required service.


Laptop Cooling Repair Disassemble the laptop, clear out dust, remove any heatsinks and clean before applying new thermal paste to maximise cooling performance.

Laptop Screen

Laptop Screen Replacement Replace a cracked or non-functioning screen. We have some screens in stock, so occasionally this is possible same day, but with many combinations sometimes the part has to be ordered in. We may need to see the laptop to check the screen size / connector position / connector size / mounting points.


Laptop Keyboard Replacement If some / all keys not working or are broken off, we can order in a replacement keyboard and fit for many models of laptop. Typically laptops with an obvious split from the keyboard to the rest of the top plastic are cheaper to replace, but on some models the keyboard is flush and welded as part of the whole top panel (meaning the whole panel, keyboard, trackpad must be replaced). We can advise on inspecting the laptop.


Laptop Hinge / Plastic Damage Repair If your laptop is pulling apart as you raise and lower the screen, sometimes it’s a broken hinge, but more often it’s a fracture at the point on the plastics that the hinge attaches to. Please bring in the laptop for us to examine and we will advise on what needs done.

Liquid Damage 1

Laptop Liquid Damage If your laptop has had liquid damage we can replace or repair as required. Our micro soldering services allow us to carry out these repairs in-house.

Laptop Upgrades


Memory Installation We will locate (often from stock) suitable RAM for your laptop and install it. All memory installations are then tested with the latest industry standard tools.


SSD Upgrade Replacing the old fashioned hard drive is usually the quickest and best possible way to make your laptop much faster. Operating systems will run faster, applications will open faster and your whole system will feel super responsive.