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Geek Cabin specialises in mobile phone & mobile device repair solutions, and provide a quick service in parts repair & replacement; as well as solving most software-related issues in your devices. Over the years we have acquired expert insights into smartphone repairs, which has given us the experience to troubleshoot virtually every smartphone available in the market.

Being a 5-Star Repair Service Provider, we repair devices related to broken displays, liquid damaged devices, battery replacements, hardware faults, and device software faults. Our goal is to reduce smartphone repair costs without compromising the quality of the service as compared to the manufacturer’s services.

Issues We Resolve

Our Technicians Can Assist You Repair Any Smartphone Issues

Screen Repair

Screen Repair  Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our lives. But what happens in case you just go through your messages quietly and before you know your phone just slips through your hand and the screen shatters up to a thousand pieces. That is where we come in to help provide yourself a affordable solution.

Battery Replacment

Battery Replacement If your phone’s battery doesn’t hold its charge like it used to, or the battery takes longer to charge than normal a simple battery replacement will resolve the issue. Our team will initially carry out a free battery health test, and if its been established that the battery health is poor and needs replacing than we will get this replaced.

Charging Port

Charging Port Replacement We offer affordable solutions for all your smartphone charging port repair services. Whether the device is not charging at all because the pins are damaged/loose inside the phone, or if there is no power at all and it is completely dead to a point where the phone is not turning on.

Haedphone Jack

Headphone Port Repair Headphones are luxurious and stunning devices. Therefore, it’s probably a smarter choice to let your device be treated by competent headphone repair services. They are equipped with the instruments and experience needed in repairing. Holding away from any more harm should be your priority when handling headphone repairs consistently.

Microphone Repair

Microphone Repair Your smartphone’s microphone is the most frequently used part and any harm to the microphone can cause your smartphone to fail to function properly. This could involve not being given the chance to hear or converse on a call with someone. At Geek Cabin, we can repair any damage to your phone’s microphone. 

Loudspeaker repair

Earphone Speaker Repair Earphones have become the most important part of our lives. Whether you are relaxing, traveling, exercising, we use earphones and listen to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and many more. But what if your earphone gets damaged, for example, the wire breakdowns or the earphone’s speaker gets damage? Your life will miss something precious. We will feel that something is missing in life. 

Earphone Speaker

Loudspeaker Repair The damaged speaker of any electronic devices such as iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Smartphone, Laptop, MacBook and many more devices always annoys the user and brings obstacles while the user is trying to do any activity. So, the best solution is to find the best repair service centre around them to get it fixed immediately.

Home Repair

Home Button Repair Has your iPhone, Android phone, or Tablet Home Button stopped functioning properly? Is it constantly malfunctioning and pressing the button, and clicking too many times when you only press it once? Does the device quickly vibrate while pressing the button?

Rear Camera

Front Camera Repair Is your device front camera not working? Aren’t you able to take any selfies? What if you have a replacement/repairing service centre near you that can repair your front camera from 30 mins? Yes! Our technicians will get your front camera repaired or replaced from 30 mins and will provide you 6 months warranty.

Front Camera

Rear Camera Repair In the event, the phone camera doesn’t work at all in view of a failed part inside the phone, or if the focal point is damaged or broken resulting to distort pictures, we have the right parts in stock prepared for a repair. Our technicians utilize only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and replacement parts and offer a 6 month warranty on every camera repair service.

Liquid Damage

Liquid Damage Did your mobile phone get damaged by water or liquid? Has your iPhone or smartphone screen stopped working after your device got wet? We can bring back your iPhone, smartphone, tablets, iPad or laptop back into life by our repair specialist.

Software Repair

Software Repair Corrupt software can cause you to loose all you precious data and memories. We can assist in repair your mobile devices software to prevent or fix this.

Rear Housing

Rear Housing Replacement Have you cracked the rear glass of iPhone or Smartphone? In reality cracked/ rear glass can not only be unattractive and agonizing to use when there are loose shards of glass but on the other hand, it’s bad for the well-being of your iPhone and Smartphone. The cracked or smashed glass lets dust and moisture invade inside device that will certainly shorten your device’s life expectancy.

Volume Control

Phone Volume Button Repair If the phone’s buttons don’t function at all because the switch is damaged or loose inside the device, or if the buttons are stuck to a point where the volume isn’t working, our smartphone repair services provide the right OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement parts.

Mute Button

Mute Button Repair Has your iPhone/Smartphone mute button stop functioning? Mute/silent buttons stop working properly particularly in the iPhone series. When it comes to providing the best smartphone repair services, our Technicians repair/replace the mute button and allow it to work again, returning your iPhone/Smartphone to function like brand new.

Power Repair

Power Button Repair Is your iPhone/smartphone power button completely unresponsive? Or is your iPhone/smartphone power button missing? Geek Cabin has the best solution for you. With our mobile phone repair services, our technicians will completely replace the power button and power button flex cable.


Diagnostic Service Sometimes you notice there’s something odd with your smartphone, so you don’t realize what’s behind it. Your smartphone would definitely not charge properly the reason may be the battery or the device software or the charging port.

Logicboards Replacement

Logic Board Repair Have you been told you require a motherboard form another repair shop. We repair the logic boards where possible with our micro soldering services, saving you money and time.