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Console Repair 4
Console Repair 2

Console repair - First test of the new scope on a Sony PS4 with no display, and a white error light. Replaced a faulty HDMI port that wasn't repaired correctly by the last cowboys who tried!

Console Repair 1
Console Repair 1

Console repair - Xbox clean to resolve overheating issue and hdmi port repair

Laptop Repair 2
Laptop Repair 2

Laptop Repair - Another SSD upgrade sorted! Laptop now boots to the desktop in around 8 seconds, instead of 2 minutes.

Laptop Repair 3
Laptop Repair 1

Laptop Repair - So close to a gas leak - this gas is flammable & poisonous too! Best get this out of here ASAP

Phone Repair 2 1
Phone Repair 2

Phone Repair - Connected it all up, reconnect the battery, then give it a quick test. All seems good

Cusome PC Build 1
Custom PC Build 1

Custom PC Build - It looks spectacular in the dark, this photo doesn't really capture it well but you get the idea!