12 Tips And Tricks For Tablet Users (And How to Use Them For Business)

If you are a first-time tablet user and proud owner of a brand-new tablet, welcome! However, although fun and convenient for multiple purposes, using a tablet might seem a bit overwhelming at first. After all, you are handling a new device and (like using anything else that’s new to you), it will take a little time to get used to your new device. If you have the basics down but are looking for some tips on ways to use your tablet to the fullest, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will take a look at 12 helpful tips to make using your tablet a simpler, more efficient, and more productive experience.

  1. Stay Organized With Folders: 

    If you have an overwhelming amount of documents that you have to work with and store on your tablet device, the simplest way to reduce your stress and amp up your management skills is by placing specific documents in folders. Tablets allow you to create as many folders as needed and store your stuff in them according to the category.

  2. Use Voice Typing: 

    Save time and energy by voice typing instead of typing text manually on your tablet. Open up your keyboard and click on the microphone icon. Speak into your tablet and see how easily you can convert your spoken words into text.

  3. Protect Your Eyes by Alternating Between Outdoor Mode And Reading Mode: 

    It’s a bit more difficult to see text and visuals optimally on your tablet when you are outdoors in the glaring sunlight. But when you are reading text indoors, you want to make the light less harsh on your eyes by switching it over to a reading mode that offers a soft, warm, blue light. You can switch back and forth between outdoor mode and reading mode by going to the quick settings method on your tablet and clicking one or the other.

  4. Save Your Battery by Being Conscious of Wi-Fi: 

    As it is on many other devices, the Wi-Fi mode is constantly in the ‘on’ mode on your tablet, even when you aren’t using Wi-Fi or anywhere near Wi-Fi. This is an unnecessary waste of battery life. You can conserve battery life by turning off Wi-Fi anytime you aren’t using it. To do this, go to your Settings, tap Wi-Fi, go to More, and finalize it by clicking Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep.

  5. Protect Personal Details: 

    Should you ever decide to sell your tablet, you want to first make sure you don’t have any of your personal details still on your device or your Google account information still there. To wipe out any of your information before selling your tablet, take advantage of the Factory Reset Protection that will clear off any of your Google account information.

  6. Take Advantage of What is Free: 

    If you have a long flight ahead of you or need to occupy your time for a few hours, there’s lots of free reading material you can take advantage of on your tablet whether you want a free e-book, e-magazine, or free library e-books. You can find and download plenty of free kindle books off of Amazon and read them on your device. If magazines are more your style, you can go to Zinio and download tons of digital magazines and there’s no return date! You can even download older issues if you want to have more magazine reading material.

  7. Get Connected to a Printer: 

    You can easily connect to a wireless printer from your tablet and have any documents that you need printed in a swift manner. To do this, go to Settings, then hit More Connection Settings and click on Printing. If this is your first time printing from your tablet, you’ll probably need to download a printing plugin from the Play Store. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Once it’s downloaded, you should be connected to the wireless printer near you and ready to print your documents.

  8. Have a Plan in Place For if or When You Misplace Your Tablet: 

    Fewer things are more aggravating than misplacing something like your keys, wallet, phone, and device, and having no idea where anything is when you urgently need your belongings. Avoid the frustration, hassle, and wasted time by having a plan for when your tablet turns up missing. Go to Settings on your tablet, click Lock screen and security, and hit Find my Mobile. From there, you will just need to sign in to your account and sign up for the Find My Mobile feature. Once you have signed in and turned on the Find My Mobile feature, you will be able to control and locate your tablet remotely or when you can’t remember where you last put it.

  9. Keep Your Schedule Organized: 

    Use your tablet as a way to set off alarms to wake you up, remember your medication, run that errand, go to that appointment, and make your work meeting on time. Using the alarms on your tablet will help you remember what you have to do next, and you will be alerted thirty minutes in advance. Use the already installed clock app on your tablet to use it as a stopwatch, timer, and alarm to keep you on time for everything.

  10. Keep Your Screen Locked When You Aren’t Using Your Tablet: 

    If you have sensitive personal information on your tablet such as your banking information, credit card numbers, and other important details, you will definitely want to keep your tablet protected and your screen locked when you are not using it. To do this, you have a few options. You can rely on a number password or a pattern lock. You can also control what information, messages, and notifications can be seen when the phone is locked. In order to effectively lock your screen and keep it locked whenever it’s not in use, go to Settings and tap Lock Screen And Security. From there, you will be able to set up a password or system that will allow you to lock your tablet screen.

  11. Have Some Peace of Mind And Your Quiet Time: 

    Whether you just need to tune out the world for a little bit or need silence while working on a project or heading into a business presentation, you can make sure you aren’t disturbed by your tablet for as long as needed. Simply turn on the Do Not Disturb mode to silence notifications, messages, and other alerts until you are ready to use your device again. Make your life even easier by scheduling your Do Not Disturb mode to turn on and off automatically for the times that you need it silent.

  12. Use Kid Mode When Needed:

    If you have children in the home who regularly use your tablet to play games and do other fun stuff, you probably want to have some special mode to protect the kids from accessing certain parts of the internet from your tablet. This can easily be done by downloading the Kids Mode app from the Play Store, and installing it on your device. You will then be able to pick and choose what they can see and go on for safer browsing.

Need more tips to help you use your tablet or have a question about something? Keep reading our blogs to learn more, or reach out to us today!